Au delà des apparences

Beyond the appearences

Abstract art is a form of expression that offers freedom of creativity and a form of freedom of thought that defies structure and order. It allows artists to express themselves without being limited by social and cultural conventions, and it allows viewers to look beyond appearances to find deeper meanings. - Barack Obama

Abstract art deviates from traditional aesthetic conventions and is characterized by the use of geometric elements, colors and lines to create compositions that are devoid of visible representations. Abstract works can be interpreted as subconscious expressions or existential metaphors, and they are often seen as a way to communicate ideas and feelings that are not fully comprehensible or explicit.

Abstract art transcends appearances and explores areas that are more ineffable than tangible. It is a creative journey where colors and shapes are not dictated by reality, but by the artist's aspirations and feelings. Taking into account emotions, feelings and thoughts, this art form offers a multitude of possibilities to express ideas, states of mind and perspectives that deviate from the known and tangible world. By discovering these expressions, viewers are invited to an intimate exploration, an exploration that goes beyond appearances and transcends the limits of rational understanding.

"Abstract art is a language that transcends appearances and touches the deep soul. It allows you to free yourself from conventions and express yourself freely and reveal the beauty that hides in the invisible." - Mark Rothko, American artist.

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