Exploration des profondeurs : La Collection Abysse

Exploring the depths: The Abyss Collection

Diving into the abysses of the ocean, exploring mysterious worlds and capturing the radiance of the sun transformed into an underwater halo - this is the essence of my new collection, Abyss. This series of artworks is deeply rooted in cherished memories of my teenage years, where my father introduced me to scuba diving during an unforgettable trip to Cuba.

At the age of 14, my father, a scuba diving enthusiast, opened the doors to a fascinating world for me. This first contact with the deep sea was eye-opening, and it encouraged me to take a scuba diving course. This is how I made my first dive, an experience that left an indelible mark on my mind.

Subsequent dives with my father, notably during another memorable trip to Cuba, strengthened our bond. We dove almost every day, exploring the seabed in the light of day and the haunting darkness of night. These shared moments were full of amazed discoveries, schools of fish swirling in front of luminous halos and the impression of diving into infinite depths.

The Abysse collection is an artistic expression of these underwater memories. The works reflect the way the sun transforms into a lunar glow or a white halo when exploring the seabed. The patterns evoke the swirl of schools of fish, recalling the magical moments when these colorful creatures danced before us, creating a spectacle of unreal beauty.

Some might see in these works a resemblance to a black hole, a swirl of meaning that evokes the complexity and depth of the ocean. Each painting is a dive into memories, an immersion in sensations and emotions linked to these unforgettable moments shared with my father.

More than just works of art, the Abysse collection is a declaration of love to the passion shared with my father. It is a celebration of the bond we had, a bond forged through scuba diving and the discovery of the hidden treasures of the oceans.

Through these paintings, I wish to share not only the beauty of the deep sea, but also the importance of creating special bonds through common passions. The Abysse collection is a tribute to my father, to our underwater adventures and to the magic that lies in the shared discovery of the wonders of the underwater world. Dive with me into this artistic universe, where each canvas tells a story of deep connections and limitless exploration.

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